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Thorough inspection are truly the key to understanding the issue and creating the elimination process.

Exterior service to ELIMINATE TERMITES under the hard deck-apron.

Chasing and removing Squirrels!!

Sixty foot ladders are no problem. Pigeons were roosting and droppings were becoming an issue for the residents.

Squirrels and birds will find any opening for survival.

Baiting sewer lines to prevent rodents (Rats) from local homeowners.

Bat elimination. All small entry points must be addressed for 100% control.

What to get the Boss for his birthday!

Removing Squirrels from a difficult situation.

Custom installed chimney cap to keep out animals and the weather!

This guy had been "stuck" in the chimney for a few days. We were able to remove him safely and quietly.

Sometimes we have an unexpected client. Safe and sound and looking for the next meal!