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 Below are samples of what you may find commonly either in your home or in most any other areas.  Please look through the pictures and descriptions and call us should you have any of these issues-or problems with any other pests.  Please remember that we can eliminate not only these but also EVERY other issue you may encounter.

    Mice--This time of the year rodents always seek to over Winter somewhere.  Most often your home becomes their home.  The obvious signs are small black droppings--but what you will not notice are the signs of dried urine.  Call us for an inspection or to schedule a service.

   Squirrels--Attic noises,running sounds,night-time noises in the wall voids.  These can be signs that squirrels may be present (especially if you hear them in the early A.M.).  Call us,we can inspect,advise and offer service second to none.

    Roaches--The second most common household pest in the U.S.A. Commonly carried in inadvertently by us via packages,videos,used furniture and appliances.  We offer several service plans with no odors! Call us to compare.
    Bed Bugs--After 40 years of almost nonexistence the bed bug has made a dramatic "comeback".  Call us before you discard your mattress/box spring. It may not be necessary. We have outstanding results!

    Carpenter Ants--As well as other ants are the #1 pest in the U.S.A.  Several factors are usually present that allow these ants to be in/around the home.  Call us anytime should you  see more than 3-5 ants per day.

    Termites--All homes are suspect to termite attack.  They cause $5 billion worth of damage each year. Usually not covered by home owners insurance.  Damage can go undetected while it grows for years.  We service with "TERMIDOR",America's #1 termite defense product.  Call us we can help.

    Centipedes--No other insect disturbs a home maker as much as a centipede.  And with good reason.  Snake like locomotion with legs!

     Spiders--Brown Recluse,Black Widow-these two will earn you a Hospital stay. Other spiders can cause bites,welts and discomfort.  Usually found at ceiling wall-areas.  Possibly coming from the exterior siding or the attic.  Call us we can help.

     BATS--Bats are probably exceeded only by rodents as the most numerous mammals on earth.  When bats roost in buildings they often get into conflict with people due to human ignorance or the noise and guano (droppings) the bats generate.  Eviction and exclusion are safe and permanent solutions to the problem.  Call us we can help.

    RACCOONS--We provide a safe and humane alternative to dealing with raccoons.  If needed we can also install chimney caps to exclude any future problems.  Entry areas may include the soffit ,the roof line and other areas.
    PANTRY PESTS--There are numerous pests you may bring home from the super market.  Many items contain eggs of these insects.  Pantry pests are common in many households.  Cereal,pasta,pet food,birdseed,granola,cookies and cake mixes are just a few.  Getting rid of food-infesting pantry pests may require professional help.  If so call us we can help.