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Materials used here are numerous and specific.Some are formulated for baiting procedures-insects and  some for rodents.All have a job to do.If you have any questions feel free to call us here anytime.

Other materials serve to exclude or to repel insects and some are made so that pests do not even know that they are present.Thats a good thing as the pests will not simply find another area to hide,breed or move to another area.

Some are in a granulated form while others are liquid or aerosol propelled or in dust like-fine powder formulations. The list continues with gels and with crack and crevice insertion tools.Still others are made to be power applied as to exterior foundations or to land areas ( as for Ticks,Fleas etc.)

This Squirrel entered via this opening that he chewed!!!! Do not hesitate to call us for any nuisance animal in your attic or in wall voids. Hidden wires chewed could potentially be disastrous!